Welcome to Rick Florino's DOLOR store. This is where you can purchase DOLOR: Lila, the first in a series of ten illustrated novels from Rick Florino. "LILA" is a limited edition! There were only 1,000 printed and they're all signed and numbered by Rick himself, so buy yours now!

Acclaim for DOLOR

"Lila makes for a damn good read...one outstanding piece of fiction."--Matt Molgaard, Fangoria

"Horror fiction has put a few cities on the map: Castle Rock, Serenity Falls, Orangefield. Add Dolor to that list."--Rod Lott, Bookgasm.com

"A heartbreaking, horrifying and honest examination of a damaged psyche, true violence, drug addiction and love unreturned...a horror masterpiece..."--LAX Magazine

"If the rest of the volumes are even half as good as Lila, we're in for a huge treat..."--BC, Bloody-Disgusting.com

"What this book has done to us is it's taken us on a ride ala early X-Files..."--Yvette Kelley, Shallow Graves Magazine

"Author Rick Florino has the chops to handle the almost Gothic atmosphere of his ambitious ten-part tale."--Elaine Lamkin, DreadCentral.com

"DOLOR is right up Crypt Magazine's creepy crawly alley! Mental illness, forces beyond the grave, and downright evil as Hell! What more do you want?"--David Necro, Crypt Magazine